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Why Do Shoulders Hurt During Peritoneal Dialysis

2014-09-15 16:39| Font Size A A A

Why Do Shoulders Hurt During Peritoneal DialysisSometimes peritoneal dialysis patients may compliant they are easier to suffer from shoulders pain. Well them, whether is it a complication of this types of dialysis or caused by other reasons? If you have no idea about this illness condition, please read on.

As a matter of fact, should hurt is a very commonly seen during or after peritoneal dialysis. Then, how does it occur in this treatment? The specific reasons are as follows:

Renal osteopathy

Due to insufficiency of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D metabolic disorders, secondary hyperparathyroidism and acid-base imbalance, patients are prone to suffer from renal osteopathy. Joint pain is just one of symptoms in this type of kidney disease. For peritoneal dialysis patients, their damaged kidney cannot remove the deposition of the waste products, leading to shoulder pain.

The stimulation of dialyzate

If the dialyzate temperature is too low, the cold dialyzate will make the blood vessels contraction, leading to chill, cold, even muscle cramps and so on. And all of them can induce should pain.

Acute pneumoperitoneum

The improper operation will induce a condition that air bubbles are easy to get into the peritoneum along with the dialyzate, pains on the back, neck and shoulder will occur.

Well then, how to deal with this condition for pertioneal dialysis patients?

In our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, dialysis is not the only or last choice for Kidney Failure patients. As long as you have urine output, we can improve your illness condition with our unique Chinese medical therapies. For instance, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to you. It not only can help patients reduce the frequency of dialysis but also can help repair kidney damage from the root. Along with increasing of renal function, dialysis may be avoided to large extent. In such a condition, numerous symptoms will also disappear, let alone shoulder pain.

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