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Pros and Cons of Dialysis You Should Know

2013-09-09 17:24| Font Size A A A

What are the pros of cons of dialysis treatment? As a common treatment for kidney disease patients, how much do you know about dialysis? Every coin has two sides, and dialysis is no exception. Now follow us to learn more about dialysis treatment.

Pros of dialysis treatment

-When kidneys fail, wastes, various toxins and excess fluid will build up in the body. At this time, your blood pressure may rise, the production of red blood cells may be reduced, you may notice swelling on your different parts of body, or a series of complications may appear. Some of them can even be life-threatening. Dialysis treatment can help kidney disease patients eliminate wastes and excessive fluid to a certain degree, which makes kidney disease patients alive. This is one of common pros of dialysis treatment.

-Before kidney disease patients can receive a kidney transplant or be treated with other efficient treatment options, dialysis can be a good short-term solution.

-Peritoneal dialysis is relatively convenient and neat, which makes patients do not need to go to a hospital 3-4 times a week for up to 6-8 hours. It can be done in the comfort of your own home while you are asleep.

Cons of dialysis treatment

-Dialysis can be very time-consuming. It is a change in lifestyle since kidney disease patients spend about 12 hours a week dialyzing. Also the diet changes entirely.

-Some patients have to bear the side effects of dialysis, such as low blood pressure, headaches, leg pain, itchy skin, sleep problems, nausea and vomiting and so on.

-Dialysis can only replace one part of kidney function. Long-term of dialysis treatment can cause the continue loss of renal function, which can be proved by the decreased urine output.

If you still have any follow-up questions about pros and cons of dialysis treatment, you are welcomed to leave us a message below. Also kidney disease patients should know that therapy which can help recover renal function has already come into being, and we are here fighting against your condition together with you.

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