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Why Shoulder Pain Occurs in Peritoneal Dialysis

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Why Shoulder Pain Occurs in Peritoneal DialysisSome peritoneal dialysis patients always complicate that they are prone to suffer form severe should pain. The question is that they don’t know at all about why it occurs in this kind of dialysis. If you or your loved one are experiencing this pain, you can follow this article and find out the related info.

How does should pain occur in peritoneal dialysis?

As we all know, dialysis is commonly used to sustain or prolong the Kidney Failure or ESRD patients’ life span. And it has two types: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. What I want to say is that peritoneal dialysis is different hemodialysis and it uses patients’ own peritoneum as dialysis membrane. What’s more, the pain can occur in any parts of the body, among them, shoulder pain is quite common for peritoneal dialysis patients. This pain can be induced by malpositioned peritoneal dialysis catheter, bowel perforation as well as pneumoperitoneum. In addition, because the balance of substances that are responsible to keep bone and muscle healthy is disturbed and the shoulder joint is made up of bones and muscles. If you have should pain after dialysis, it may be induced by low calcium intake, high phosphorus level or vitamin D.

Then, how to deal with shoulder pain for peritoneal dialysis?

A healthy diet

You should intake high-calcium intake, like milk products, fish, grains, beans and so on. Of course, remember to according to your illness condition when you choose these foods.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is a natural remedy for Kidney Failure patients who still have urine output, this therapy enable to improve patients’ renal function and reduce the frequency of peritoneal dialysis even avoid it. What’s more, it is an innovation based on Chinese medical herbs, but used externally. After a period of treatment, patients’ renal function can get well recovery. As long as kidney function are improved, the pain in the body will also disappear accordingly. Wanna more details, please contact Doctors Online, or fill the form below and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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