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Dialysis: How to Maintain Healthy Sexual Life

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Dialysis is used to help Kidney Failure patients to filter and clean their blood. According to the study, dialysis affects some patients’ sexual life. However, you need to know it doesn’t have to. Read on and find how to maintain healthy sexual life with dialysis.

How does Dialysis Affects Sexual Life?

It was reported that dialysis shows impact in the following 3 ways.

- mood change: worry and stress

- body image

-physical disorder: fatigue, sleep, energy

Different causes require different management. Our experts give detailed suggestions for dialysis patients to live a better sexual life as follows. Also, if you have other sexual life problem associated with kidney problem or dialysis, you can email your questions to We are glad to give you a guideline based on your own condition.

How to maintain healthy sexual life?

Worry and Depression

Patients may feel worried and depressed when they have to face the pressure of Chronic Kidney Disease. The emotion changes may cause increase the interest to sexuality.

In this condition, you are suggested to take blood work to find out whether your lack of interest is caused by your changing hormone levels. Also, you are suggested to talk with your doctor who can help release your pressure.

Another way is to drink certain herbal tea, which can help ease your worry and increase your sexuality interest naturally. If you have interest in the list of recommended herbal tea, you can leave a message below the article.

Body Image

Dialysis has two main body image concerns: weight gain and the PD catheter. You can cover a PD catheter with gauze when you want to be intimate. Or, while you may feel self-conscious about a PD catheter, it may not bother your partner!

You can also get professional suggestion about how to lose weight on dialysis from your doctor. Specific diet and exercise changes will be involved.

Physical Disorder: fatigue, sleep, energy

Fatigue, poor sleep and lack of energy is the common symptoms patients with kidney disease. As your kidney functions decline, the waste products and excessive water will build up in the blood, which may make you feel these symptoms. Also, renal anemia is a common cause for physical disorder in patients.

To solve this problem, you are suggested to receive the treatment that can help repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. The latest treatment for kidney disease is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can help improve the filtering ability of damaged kidney cells.

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