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Why Does Creatinine Level Increase After Dialysis

2014-07-29 16:55| Font Size A A A

Why Does Creatinine Level Increase After DialysisWhy does high creatinine level increase rather than reduce after you undergone dialysis? This is a common question among dialysis patients. Today, we will explain it in the following content, which expect to be helpful for you.

Actually, creatinine is an important and reliable indicator to reflect renal function. It is a kind of metabolic product of our muscle and normally the extra creatinine should be discharge from the body by the healthy kidneys. However, once you are diagnosed with kidney disease, your kidney is not functioning well and accordingly, it will lose its abilities as it did once. In this case, high creatinine level will occur. What’s more, creatinine level won’t increase until a half of renal function has lost. Therefore, when your creatinine level increases, it implies that your kidney has got server damage. Generally speaking, the normal range of creatinine level is 0.5-1.1mg/dl for female and 0.6-1.2mg/dl for male. And when it increases to 5, dialysis may be needed.

Dialysis for high creatinine level

Dialysis is a medical technique about blood purification. And it is designed as an approach to discharge metabolic toxins and wastes out of the body. In normal condition, elevated creatinine level can be effectively brought down after dialysis. However, in the long run, the patients will find their creatinine rises faster after dialysis, and they will need to increase the frequency of dialysis.

Why creatinine level is still high after dialysis?

As a matter of fact, the root cause of high creatinine level is kidney disease.Unfortunately, dialysis just works as a kindy replacement tool to remove wastes and toxins instead of repairing the damaged kidneys. Therefore, no matter how long you use dialysis only, your kidney function can not improve, on the contrary, it decreases gradually. In such condition, creatinine level will keep rising. Thereby, to lower high creatinine from the root, what you should is to restore kidney damage and enhance renal function. Here, you might as well try to Immunotherapy which is widely used in clinic and has achieved great success. Wanna more details, please contact us by leaving a message to *** and we will give you a professional guidance.

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