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What Causes Breathlessness During or After Dialysis

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Dialysis is an artificial treatment for kidney disease patients, especially for people with Kidney Failure or ESRD. It can replace the kidney and help patient sustain life span. But dialysis also causes some side effects and complications for patients, including breathlessness. Well then, what causes it during or after dialysis? Read on and you will find the answer in this article.

What Causes Breathlessness During or After DialysisBreathlessness is one of the common respiratory problems for dialysis patients. And they may suffer this symptom due to the following aspects:

Kidney Damage

Dialysis is for patients whose kidney damage stays in an advanced stage, including both stage 4 and stage 5 kidney disease. Usually in these stages, their kidneys are not function well. As a result, the toxins and wastes will deposit in the blood and it can cause various damage to your health and you can feel many symptoms and complication, including trouble breathing.

Water retention

It is well known that our kidney is in charge of regulating water in the body. When there is moderate or serious damage on kidney, the kidney fails to do this job. It will cause swelling in eyelid, face, limbs and abdomen. If left untreated, fluid retention will spread to lung, leading to pulmonary edema which is a common cause of shortness of breath.


Anemia is also a side effect of dialysis. With anemia, patients may experience shortness of breath. Although dialysis can help patients remove the wastes and toxins from the blood, meanwhile, some fresh blood might be removed as well, which can worsen anemia.

Low blood pressure

For most kidney disease patients, they have high blood pressure, and they can take some hypotensive drugs to lower elevate blood pressure, while dialysis itself can cause decrease of blood pressure. And it is another possible cause for dialysis patients to develop breathlessness.

In view of these points, we can see that dialysis is not an ideal treatment for kidney disease patients because it can cause such side effects. Therefore, we should find out the root solution to get rid of dialysis. If you have no idea about how to deal with your condition, please contact us directly:

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