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Shortness of Breath After Dialysis

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Shortness of Breath After DialysisDialysis is commonly used for many patients with Kidney Failure or ESRD to sustain their life. However, some patients always complicated that they will have shortness of breath during or after dialysis. Can dialysis cause breath problems? Please read on and try to find the answer by yourself in this article.

Unfortunately, dialysis can lead to short ness of breath, which is one of common respiratory symptoms for dialysis patients. They experience this discomfort due to the following causes.

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is a possible cause for dialysis patients to develop shortness. Almost all the kidney failure patients have elevated blood pressure which need them to take some hypotensive drugs to manage. Dialysis itself can cause decrease of blood pressure, so adjust medicine dose before dialysis is very essential for renal failure patients; otherwise, they will experience extremely low blood pressure which can bring them shortness of breath and even coma.


Anemia is always associated with shortness of breath. During the process of dialysis, it can remove the harmful substance out of the body, but it some fresh blood may flow out as well. As a result, anemia is caused and shortness of breath also can occur.

Other causes

Due to severe damaged kidney, it is possible to induce other serious complications, like

--Heart failure


--Lung cancer


The mentioned above all can cause shortness of breath.

Then, how to deal with this problem?

1. Call your doctor as soon as possible during or after dialysis, if you feel difficulty breathing

2. Only management on the breathing difficulty is not enough. You have to find the treatment which can replace the dialysis and help you avoid the side effect of dialysis. At our center point, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is offered to you. It is an innovation form of TCM due to its external application. It has thought to be an alternative and natural treatment for dialysis patients. If you have anything unclear, please feel free to tell us and we are pleasure to help you.

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