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Can Dialysis Patients Eat Plums

2014-05-28 01:09| Font Size A A A

Can dialysis patients eat plums? This is a common question among people who are during or after dialysis. In our daily life, eating some fresh fruits is beneficial for our health. However, people on dialysis always find their diets are pretty strict and various with the change of their illness condition, because an unreasonable diet will increase the burden on the impaired kidneys. Here we will tell you something about dialysis diet and plums’nutrition.

The principles of dialysis diets

A dialysis diet is low in sodium, potassium, phosphorous, and protein. What I want to stress is that it is also important to consume high-quality protein and limit intake of fluids. Besides, as patients might lose many nutritions during dialysis, so a supplement of a variety of vitamins is necessary. Since every patient has different conditions, it is better to consult a nutritionist or chat with our online doctors for a specific dialysis diet.

The nutrition of plums for dialysis patients

1. Plums are full of antibodies which are full beneficial for the body. Bate carotenes are also available in plums. For example, poly phenolic antioxidants compounds like lutein, cryptoxanthin and zea xanthin decrease the amount of harmful oxygen derived free radicals. It protects body from different types of cancer like lung and oral cavity cancers.

2. Plums also contain different vitamin B complex compounds like niacin, vitamin B6 and phenolic acid compounds that break the carbohydrates, proteins and fats molecules and metabolize them.

3. One of the good nutritional benefits of plums is that it helps in digestion of food. Plum can help stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. As a result, it can help promote digestion and increase appetite.

4. Plums are a good source of iron which are required for red blood cells formation. Since both anemia and low blood pressure are common side effects of dialysis, eating plums in a right amount can overcome anemia and low blood pressure.

Though plums have many benefits for dialysis patients, it does not mean that all patients can consume them freely, because plums are rich in potassium and tartaric acid. Besides, it’s worth noting that you should avoid raw plums.

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