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Management of High Blood Pressure in Diabetes Kidney Disease

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Management of High Blood Pressure in Diabetes Kidney DiseaseDiabetes kidney disease occurs among people with a long history of diabetes.High blood pressure is a common complication of diabetes kidney disease and it is also a major accelerator in worsening renal function.Therefore, it is important to manage high blood pressure in diabetes kidney disease effectively.

Causes of high blood pressure in diabetes kidney disease

Nephrons can filter wastes and excessive fluid from body in right condition.However,when the nephrons are impaired,high levels of fluid will build up in body.High retention of fluid in body can result in high blood pressure.Therefore,repairing the impaired nephrons can improve kidney function. Then how to achieve this treatment goal? Chat with our online doctor for an answer.

Kidneys are vital organs in body and they also perform other vital functions besides secretory ability.One of important functions of kidneys is to produce hormones.Renin is one of important hormones which can regulate blood pressure. However, when kidneys are impaired and they fail to function properly.As a result,more renin is produced, thus resulting in high blood pressure.

Benefits of management of high blood pressure

-Blood pressure control can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 33% to 50% among the patients with diabetes. Meanwhile, the incidence of microvascular complications will reduce by about 33%.

-Every 10mmHg decrease in systolic blood pressure.The complication related to Diabetes will be reduced by 12%.

Management of high blood pressure in diabetes kidney disease

-If you have high blood pressure,medicines will be prescribed to lower blood pressure.ACE inhibitors and ARB drugs are classic medicines for high blood pressure. These two medicines not only can lower blood pressure, but also can preserve renal function and reduce protein in urine.

-Limiting the intake of salt can reduce retention of fluid and sodium,thus lowering high blood pressure.A low-salt diet is suggested to the patients with diabetes kidney disease.

The above are the causes and management of high blood pressure in diabetes kidney disease. For more information about the topic, please email to .

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