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Diabetic Nephropathy, Creatinine 2.94, GFR 21.17: Next Stage of Treatment for Kidney

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Diabetic Nephropathy, Creatinine 2.94, GFR 21.17: Next Stage of Treatment for Kidney
57 year old diabetic patient. Be diagnosed with kidney disease around 1 year ago. GFR is 21.17 now. Taking daily insulin. Also suffering from cardiovascular disease and hypertensive. Suffered from MI and had one stent inserted. Currently taking heart and diabetic medicine. Current creatinine level is 2.94. Kindly suggest next stage of treatment for kidney.

Answer: At present, you are in stage 4 kidney disease. It is a very critical period. Once you step into stage 5, you have to make preparations for starting dialysis. Compared with non-diabetic patients, the patients with diabetes are recommended to start dialysis earlier, because diabetes can cause a lot of serious complications. In hemodialysis, the blood needs to circulate outside of the body. It will change haemodynamics a lot. Hence, the patients on dialysis are very likely to develop heart failure. Heart failure is also a major death cause for dialysis patients. Since you had a history of cardiac MI, you will certainly more likely to develop heart failure. That is why dialysis is not a good option for you.

At present, with an effective treatment, your renal function will stop declining. On this base, your renal function can be improved further. And then you will avoid the onset of dialysis and live a normal and long life. Here we recommend you to try Toxin-Removing Treatment.

Toxin-Removing Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy patients with creatinine 2.94 and GFR 21

This treatment is made up of several Chinese medicine therapies. They can work together to help you achieve the following effect.

1. Prevent renal function from deteriorating

This treatment is featured with dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. After the effective medicines are penetrated into kidney lesions, they can stop the releasing of inflammatory factors and clear up harmful substances to kidneys. In this way, it can halt the renal function to deteriorating immediately and effectively.

2. Active the self-replication of renal functional cells

It can activate the self-replication of renal functional cells and boost the reconstruction of kidney structure. The active materials in Chinese medicines can block renal fibrosis, dilate arteries at all levels, improve the regeneration and differentiation of renal functional cells. Meanwhile, the medicines can promote the secretion of growth factors so as to activate the formation of new blood vessels and accelerate the reconstruction of glomeruli.

3. Improve the metabolic disorders and provide an aerobic environment for repairing the impaired renal functional cells.

The effective medicines can dilate blood vessels at all levels and increase blood and oxygen supply to kidneys. In this way, it can create an aerobic environment for restoring the impaired kidneys. As renal ischemia and anoxia is the root cause of renal fibrosis, once these conditions are reversed, the kidney function will stop deteriorating.

4. Chinese medicines can provide essential substances for rebuilding kidney structure

Chinese medicines are rich in trace elements, organic acid, essential amino acid and vitamins. They can provide essential elements for restoring kidneys and also stimulate the body to synthetize necessary elements and substances.

Now you know the treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy patients with creatinine 2.94 and GFR 21. For more information, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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