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TCM Treatment for Diabetic Kidney Disease

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Unique curative effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment for Diabetic Kidney Disease is widely known by the world recently, especially in the early stage of this disease. The key point of TCM treatment is to get a handle on tonify, circulation of blood, and water. In addition, diet, control on blood pressure and blood sugar, infection prevention and so on interact at the same time to fully control the condition and delay or stop the arrival of uremia. The TCM treatment for diabetic kidney disease must deal with the following relations: (Have a question? Get an answer from free online service now!)

1. Blood and water stasis

The main clinical manifestations of this condition are edema, fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, lumbar acid, less weight, oliguria, dark urine, dark purple tongue with a large number of petechiae, weak pulse beat like string, and blood pressure increasing. Laboratory tests positive urinary protein, mild hyperlipidemia or hypoalbuminemia. Serious condition can appear typical diabetic kidney disease triad: proteinuria, edema, and high blood pressure.

The traditional Chinese medicine combines blood stasis and tonify, water flooding with damp clearing. Codonopsis pilosula, astragalus, angelica sinensis, and ligustici wallichii supplying blood and qi; atractylodes, poria cocos, semen plantaginis tonifying spleen and control the primary diabetes; red paeony root, salvia miltiorrhiza, motherwort promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. The dose depends on the specific condition.

2. Yin-yang deficiency

The main clinical manifestations of this condition are dizziness, tinnitus, dizzy, shortness of breath, anaemic, angular, complexion dark, cold extremities, dark purple tongue with bruises blockbusters, yellow, drying black or dark without saliva or black slip coated tongue, and weak pulse. Patient tends to Yang deficiency appears obvious edema which rotten like mud. Patient tends to Yin deficiency appears dizziness, dryness-heat, significantly higher blood pressure, anemia, and obvious blood urea nitrogen and creatinine increasing.

TCM experts suggest striving long-term effect and avoid a rush for quick results.Keeping Yang qi by prepared lateral root of aconite and cinnamon; nourishing blood by radix rehmanniae preparata, cornus, and angelica; activating blood by earthworm, salvia miltiorrhiza, and rhizome; mitigating edema by white atractylodes rhizome, poria cocos, and yam. In the specific application, these herbs should be adjusted according to the Yin and Yang deficiency, blood stasis, and edema level.

According to patient’s own condition, the TCM experts will find the right herbal formula, you can email to to get a herbal formula based on your condition.

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