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Home Remedy for Diabetic Kidney Disease

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The incidence and prevalence of Diabetic Kidney Disease continue to grow dramatically throughout the world. Because of this dramatic increase in the number of individuals developing diabetic kidney disease, it is important to develop cost-effective strategies at every step. Today’s topic is just about one of the most considerable steps, home remedy for diabetic kidney disease.

Top 10 tips for home remedy

1. Peaceful environment

Keeping a peaceful environment for the patients is very important. It is helpful to their recovery.

2. Blood sugar control

Blood sugar control can reduce the pathological changes of diabetic kidney disease. Recently, western medicine is widely used in hypoglycemic action, such as metformin, sulfonylureas, α-glycosidase inhibitor and TZDS, has a remarkable effect in rapid blood glucose- lowering. But certain defect exists in the prevention and treatment of diabetic complications. But Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been proven an effective way to control blood sugar with numerous cases over the past years although its effects are not immediate. (More specific information about TCM, please result the free online service)

3. Proper exercise

Patients without hypertension, obvious oedema, renal impairment, or excessive protein can do proper physical exercise to enhance physical fitness and prevent infection; for patients with obvious edema, high blood pressure and renal insufficiency, it would be better to stay in bed.

4. Body weight

Body weight is needed twice a day. Patients should measure their weight in the same suit and at two fixed time everyday.

5. Water intake and output

The intake and output of water in 24 hours should be recorded. Water intake should add 500 ml on the basis of last day’s urine output.

6. Urine observation

Observe the urine volume, color and character changes. Routine urine and urine specific gravity should be tested at least once a week.

7. Blood pressure and edema observation

If patients have the symptoms edema or hypertension, it is important to go to a doctor.

8. Breathing and heart rate changes

It is important to observe patients' mind, breathing, blood pressure, heart rate changes. Pay attention to the early symptoms of cardiac insufficiency and hypertensive encephalopathy.

9. Biochemical indexes

Abnormal symptoms such as anemia, electrolyte disorders, acid-base imbalance, and urea nitrogen increasing should be observed closely.

10. Insulin

The dose of insulin should be calculated according to blood sugar and urine

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