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Sugar Patient With High Creatinine 2.5:What To Do

2017-02-19 11:11| Font Size A A A

Sugar Patient With High Creatinine 2.5:What To DoSugar patient refers to people with diabetes, and diabetes is one of leading causes of kidney disease. So once sugar patient got elevated creatinine level, they should pay attention. Taking prompt and effective treatment can make a good prognosis for them.

What does high creatinine 2.5 mean to sugar patient?

Creatinine is the waste product of muscle metabolism, and it is mainly excreted by kidneys. When kidneys are damaged more than 50%, it will cause increased creatinine level in blood. The higher creatinine level is, the lower kidney function left for patients. So sugar patient with high creatinine 2.5 should take measures to strengthen their kidney function.

Sugar patient with high creatinine 2.5: what to do?

1. Control well of sugar level

As we know, the kidney damage is mainly caused by high sugar level in blood, so patients should first control well of the sugar level, which can prevent further kidney damage. Patients need to follow advice of their doctors to take medicines on time and keep a well planed diet, thus can control blood sugar strictly.

2. Make a good diet

Diet plays an important role in kidney disease patients, because well planed diet can reduce kidney burden and protect residual kidney function. For sugar patient with high creatinine 2.5, they need to eat less meat and take proper amount of high quality protein, thus can avoid further increased creatinine level.

3. Take medical treatment for kidney function

This is the most important thing that sugar patient need to do, and the medical treatment should focus on repairing damaged renal cells and improving renal function effectively. Once kidney function is improved effectively, high creatinine can be reduced naturally.

If you want to learn more about suggestions for sugar patient with high creatinine 2.5, you can contact online doctor, or you can also send e-mail to renal-disease@hotmail.com.

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