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Treatment for Diabetes Kidney Disease

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Diabetes kidney disease is one of the common complications of kidney disease. Proteinuria often comes along with diabetics. When the urinary albumin in 24 hours is more than 300mg, we can deduce that patients are suffering from diabetes kidney disease. Because of the insidious onset of the illness and the progressive deterioration, once the kidney has been damaged, the condition cannot be reversed. At last, it will develop into kidney failure. Therefore, the treatment for diabetes kidney disease is very important.

To treat diabetes kidney disease, you are suggested to start from the following aspect.

Low-protein intake. Low-protein intake can reduce hyper-transfusion of glomerular and proteinuria as well as diastolic blood pressure. At the meantime, it can rise the concentration of serum albumin and make creatinine clearance stable. At present, the recommended protein intake is 0.6g/kg every day.

Control blood glucose. At the early stage of diabetes kidney disease, controlling blood glucose strictly can alleviate protein and improve the filtration ability of glomerular to restrain renal hypertrophy. The currently proposed intensive insulin therapy can make normal glomerular filtration rate and improve kidney function. It is beneficial to control blood glucose even at the middle and later stages, because it is conducive to reduce the incidence of urinary tract infection, which will further increase the damage of kidney.

Control blood pressure. Diabetes kidney disease is often along with high blood pressure. So controlling blood pressure in the normal range is the significant measure to slow down the worse of diabetes kidney disease. In clinic, the ACE inhibitor(angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor) is the suitable drug for diabetes kidney disease with high blood pressure. This drug can effectively decrease proteinuria and repair kidney function by dilating arteriole and lower high pressure of glomerular.

Kidney transplant. For patients at the advanced period of diabetes kidney disease, kidney transplant can be taken into consideration. It can enable new kidney function.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy. It is a new therapy which used externally and has no side-effect. The core technology of this therapy is the special herbal formular which can takes effect on the kidney lesions through a osmosis device. The final purpose it can achieve is to repair kidney lesions and block kidney fibrosis and improve kidney function. For detailed information of this therapy, you can consult the online doctors.

The treatment for diabetes kidney disease should be taken as early as possible and the correct treatment is important. I hope this article could do you a favor!

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