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Ketosteril for Diabetes Kidney Disease

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Ketosteril has been used for Kidney Disease for years. It is quite suitable for patients with Diabetes Kidney Disease.

Ketosteril for Diabetes Kidney Disease

Ketosteril shows different effects in controlling kidney disorder caused by diabetes. Here are its main functions for diabetes kidney disease.

- Reduce Insulin Resistance

Ketosteril can help correct the carbohydrate metabolism disorder, which can help increase the insulin resistance and alleviate hyperinsulinemia, as well as helps strengthen energy.

- Meet the Needs of Protein

Ketosteril can increase the supplement of necessary amino acid and reduce the intake of amino nitrogen. It can utilize the nitrogen in unnecessary amino nitrogen to convert to amino acid so as to decline the synthesis of urea and accumulation of uremic toxins. Therefore, Ketosteril can meet the patients’ protein needs even if they reduce the protein in their diet.

- it also help alleviate lipid metabolism in patients with Diabetic Nephropathy.

Even though Ketosteril shows so many effects to patients, it may bother patients a lot due to its disadvantages and side effects.

- Ketosteril can restrain the absorption of phosphorus by intestinal tract. Therefore, it is very likely to cause the calcium in blood to rise thus resulting in hypercalcemia which can cause multiple systems like digestive system, urinary system and renal tubule etc.

- Taking Ketosteril needs the patients to limit the animal protein intake strictly so it can reduce the sources of phosphorus from foods.

Good news is that there are some alternative options are available to ketosteril.

Alternative Options to Ketosteril

A amount of clinical studies have been carried out in recent years, which show that certain herbs have improved blood glucose control naturally. The following herbs have anti-diabetic properties:

- Aloe vera

- Ginger

- Fenugreek

- Cinnamon

- Bitter melon

- Bilberry extract

And also certain herbs help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions, such as:

- Couch grass

- Green tea

- Java tea

- Rehmannia

- Uva ursi

However, herbal therapy are not “one-for-all” option. If you need personalized herbs list based on your own condition, you can leave your medical report below. And we are glad to give you a reply within 48 hours.

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