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Four Abnormalities Indicate Diabetic Nephropathy

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The amount of diabetics in the world is increasing. Maybe it is because there are too many diabetics, many people do not pay much attention to it. As a result, it develops slowly and leads to various complications, among which Diabetic Nephropathy is one of the most serious. It can progress into uremia to seriously threaten your physical and mental health. Therefore, the early you know Diabetic Nephropathy, the better. Today let’s see the four abnormalities which indicate that you have Diabetic Nephropathy.
Four Abnormalities Indicate Diabetic Nephropathy

What symptoms does Diabetic Nephropathy have?

1. High blood pressure

Due to lipid metabolism disorder, atherosclerosis and other reasons, diabetics usually have high blood pressure. But it does not mean that once diabetics have high blood pressure, they get Diabetic Nephropathy, but hypertension can be regarded as a signal before the advent of Diabetic Nephropathy. Because microalbuminuria are almost always present in people with diabetes and hypertension. Hypertension can cause kidney damage. Therefore, once blood pressure increases, you should take treatment aggressively and monitor kidney function regularly.
Four Abnormalities Indicate Diabetic Nephropathy

2. Edema

This is one of the common symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy, commonly seen in the face and ankle. If diabetics suddenly appear edema, it means kidneys are damaged, and you had better go to see your doctors as soon as possible.
Four Abnormalities Indicate Diabetic Nephropathy

3. Proteinuria

This is one of the signs of kidney disease. The main manifestations are small and abundant bubbles in the urine, which last for a long time. This is due to kidney damage and increased glomerular barrier permeability, protein goes out of body. If left alone, a simple protein leakage can cause a drop in kidney function. Therefore, once proteinuria occurs, you should be careless.
Four Abnormalities Indicate Diabetic Nephropathy

4. Anemia

Although anemia does not mean kidney disease, but when kidneys are damaged severely, they can affect the secretion of erythropoietin, leading to anemia associated symptoms. Therefore, once anemia presents, it may mean your kidney disease has been very severe.
Four Abnormalities Indicate Diabetic Nephropathy

How to prevent Diabetic Nephropathy for diabetics?

1. To actively control blood glucose. If the blood glucose control is stable, the kidney will be protected from blood glucose to the greatest extent.

2. If you have been with diabetes for years, you should check your urine protein, kidney function and blood pressure regularly.

3. If you find yourself with Diabetic Nephropathy, you should start treatment timely to control the disease early. Besides, follow diet restriction.

If you have the above four abnormalities, you may have Diabetic Nephropathy. For more information on this disease, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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