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Home Remedies for Diabetes Patients with Creatinine 1.33

2015-10-25 09:02| Font Size A A A

Home Remedies for Diabetes Patients with Creatinine 1.33Today, I get a question from Live Doctor. Here, a patient with 20 years’ diabetes leave a message: “I am a diabetic for last 20 year. In my last check up creatinine is 1.33. Please advice me the remedies.” But the patient do not leave his contact ways, so I write the passage here, hoping he can see it and solve his problems.

Creatinine level is a common standard to judge patient’s kidney condition. For patients with kidney disease, they often have high creatinine level in their blood. Creatinine in our blood will be excreted out by our kidneys, and the creatinine level of our blood changes in a stable range. The normal range of creatinine level is 0.6-1.2mg/dl in men and 0.5-1.1mg/dl in women. We can see that creatinine level 1.33 is a lillter higher than the normal range. Although it is not too high, you should also pay highly attention to the condition.

Some home remedies will be helpful:

Drink more water

After the metabolic wastes are filtered out by kidneys, most of them will end in urine. Drinking more water can increase your urination and the excretion of wastes. It is an easy and natural way to lower high creatinine in CKD. However, if you have swelling, you should limit the water intake properly.

Eat healthy Diet

Creatinine is the end products of creatine in muscle. Excessive intake of meat will lead to too much production of creatinine in the blood. Hence, people with Kidney Disease are suggested to strictly restrict their daily intake of meat.

Drink some herbal teas

Drinking some herbal teas are good choices for lowering high creatinine level and controlling blood sugar level. These teas include dandelion root tea, corn silk tea, nettle leaf tea, salvia tea and so on.

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