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Can Creatinie Level 3.5 in Diabetic Nephropathy Be Reduced by Diet

2015-03-26 14:19| Font Size A A A

Can Creatinie Level 3.5 in Diabetic Nephropathy Be Reduced by DietDiabetic Nephropathy patients are prone to suffer from high creatinine level due to kidney damage. Creatinine level 3.5 is obviously higher than the normal range, which means that diabetic renal disease patients have a severe kidney damage. Well then, can 3.5 creatinine level be reduced by diet?

Actually, a balanced and healthy eating plan plays a significant part in lowering creatinine level to some extent. The following dietary principles can be your reference. If you have any questions or you are looking for more tips, please be feel free to contact our Online Doctor or leave a message below and we will do our best to help you.

1. Reduce meat intake

It is well know that creatinine is the breakdown products of our muscle activity and the meat we eat. That’s to say, the more meat you take, the more higher creatinine level you will get. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce meat intake.

2. Low-sodium diet

Low-sodium diet is helpful for relieving swelling and controlling high blood pressure. And it can help protect remaining renal function.

3. Avoid creatine supplements

4. Low protein diet

As a matter of fact, although Diet Therapy can help you protect remaining renal function and lower high creatinine level to some extent, it cannot repair kidney damage. Therefore, high creatinine level cannot be reduced from the root by the diet.

Well then, is there anything to lower creatinine level?

Repairing kidney damage for diabetic renal disease is the root treatment for lowering elevated creatinine level. Here, we do use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for repairing kidney damage. The treatment comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but used externally. It aims at protecting patient’s remaining health and improving renal function as far as possible. Through promoting the renal repair, high creatinine level will be controlled and reduced fundamentally.

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