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How Diabetic Nephropathy Leads to Renal Failure

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How Diabetic Nephropathy Leads to Renal FailureDiabetic Nephropathy is the common complication of diabetes which is associated with uncontrolled high blood glucose levels over periods of years. People who develop diabetic kidney disease usually have no symptoms early on, so it can be ignored easily, resulting in more serious illness condition, like Kidney Failure.

Having diabetes will put you at risk of other health problems, including heart attacks, strokes, vision loss, nerve damage, and kidney disease. When the kidney damage is formed, patients will suffer from various symptoms and complications which can severely affect physical health and shorten patients’ life time.

Massive proteinurine

It is a typical symptoms for people who have kidney damage. For diabetic renal disease patients, the impaired kidney cannot filter the excess protein effectively. Along with the enlargement of glomerular permeability, it will lead to the leakage of protein in urine. In addition, protein in urine usually induces the body swelling or edema, especially in legs or eyelid.

High blood pressure

Similar with high blood sugar, high blood pressure is also a threatening factor for kidney disease patients. And most people with blood sugar will have high blood pressure. With high blood sugar and high blood pressure, patients are at high risk of getting cardiovascular disease which is one main cause of death.


Along with the decreased kidney function, the kidney can not work as the healthy kidney. So the impaired kidney cannot discharge extra wastes and water from the body. Water-retention is a typical performance which can induce severe swelling. Also the condition can lead to high blood pressure.

Other symptoms

Overweight (obesity), anemia, fatigue, shortness of breath, skin itching and so on can push patients into kidney failure gradually if left untreated.

All in all, the mentioned above all can speed up the deterioration of diabetic kidney disease. So a timely and effective treatment plays a significant role in slowing down even stopping its progression. If you want to avoid the further kidney damage, please contact our online doctors or leave a message below.

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