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How to Treat GFR 17 for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients with Diabetes

2014-12-26 17:32| Font Size A A A

How to Treat GFR 17 for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients with DiabetesLow GFR is very common symptom for Chronic Kidney Disease patients which refers to gradual decline of renal function. For people with diabetes, they are more likely to suffer from kidney damage. Well then, how to improve GFR 17 for chronic kidney disease patients with diabetes?

Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is an important indicator to reflect how well your kidneys are working. For GFR 17, It is too lower than the normal range which is kept from 90-120ml/min. So far, diabetes is also a leading cause of kidney damage. Well then, how to improve GFR 17 for them?

Most patients think it is enough to keep sugar under control. However, it is far from enough. Because for diabetes patients, there are also lipid metabolic disorder and protein metabolic disorder which can forming many harmful matters in body. Therefore, we should also adjust the whole body metabolic system for diabetes patients, instead of only focusing on sugar level. And more basically, well treated diabetes is too much important if we want to stop the progression of the kidney damage.

Due to the metabolic disorder of diabetes, too much metabolic waste will deposit in blood vessel, especially the inner wall of blood vessel, making blood vessel narrowed. Gradually, kidney is also in a condition of ischemia and anoxia due to narrowed blood vessel. Then, kidney damage occur gradually. So, when we treat the kidney problem due to diabetes, the first thing we need to do is to dilating blood vessel. Then, more blood can reach to kidney with oxygen. Here we will introduce comprehensive treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The condition of ischemia and anoxia in kidney can be relieved. With more blood and oxygen reach to kidney, partly damaged renal cells can also get repaired. Then, kidney function can get improvement, and you can also live a normal life.

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