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Is Creatinine 2.18 and Urea 83 Dangerous for Diabetics

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Is Creatinine 2.18 and Urea 83 Dangerous for Diabetics
Diabetes is caused by either inherited factor or acquired factors that can cause many complications, if uncontrolled effectively. One diabetic told us his blood test shows creatinine 2.18 and urea 83. Is it dangerous?

High creatinine 2.18 and urea 83 may indicate kidney damage

Both creatinine and urea are metabolic waste products that are discharged out of the body via kidneys. Normally, creatinine level ranges from 0.5 to 1.2 mg/dl, while blood urea level ranges from 9 to 20 mg/dl. Creatinine 2.18 and urea 83 are both higher than the normal, so they indicate the decline of kidney excretory amount. For diabetics, kidney damage is one common complication that can induce many other problems if left alone.

Kidney disease for diabetics

If chronic kidney disease is caused by diabetes, we call it Diabetic Nephropathy, which generally occurs among patients who have more than 10 years’ history of diabetes. Compared with other types of chronic kidney disease, Diabetic Nephropathy can cause more severe health problems.

High creatinine 2.18 and urea 83 means diabetic kidney disease has progressed into stage 3. If it continues to aggravate, patients’ glomerular filtration rate (GFR) will decline by 1ml every month. Therefore, patients should take effective treatments to lower high creatinine and urea and treat diabetic nephropathy actively.

How to reduce creatinine 2.18 and urea 83 for diabetic nephropathy patients?

In addition to controlling blood sugar tightly, patients should take some therapies to protect their remaining kidney functioning cells and repair damaged cells. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one good therapy worth a try, and this therapy can increase the blood flow into kidneys and stimulate the renal healing system. Finally, patients’ illness condition can be manage very well.

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