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How to Treat Profuse Sweating for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

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How to Treat Profuse Sweating for Diabetic Nephropathy PatientsDiabetic Nephropathy patients are very prone to suffer excessive sweating, especially during the sleeping. To know how to treat profuse sweating for them, you should have a certain understanding about how does profuse sweating occur in this kind of the disease.

How does excessive sweating occur in diabetic kidney disease?

Excessive sweating diabetic nephropathy may be associated with hypoglycemia, namely low blood pressure. Hypoglycemia happens if there is too much insulin or too little glucose or sugar in the body. When it occurs, patients will experience fatigue, hunger, trembling and excessive sweating and so on.

Profuse sweating in diabetic nephropathy is caused by the nerve damage. It is less common but very dangerous. Diabetic can lead to Autonomic neuropathy which affects the nerves hat control the heart, regulate blood pressure and control blood glucose levels. When nerve damage prevents the sweat glands from working properly, the body cannot regulate its temperature as it should. Nerve damage can also cause profuse sweating at night or while eating.

Additionally, it is normally that hypoglycemic drugs can cause excessive sweating.

Well then, how to treat profuse sweating for diabetic renal disease patients?

Through the above analysis, we can see that the primary cause of excessive sweating is the decreased kidney function. Therefore, what we should do is to enhance renal function and improve blood sugar. For the goals, we recommend a newest therapy called Hot Compress Therapy to you.

This therapy is a combination of western technology and Chinese medicines. Under help of western technology, Chinese medicines can permeate into kidney lesions directly and effectively. After a period of the treatment, Chinese medicines can help patients dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, provide oxygen and nutrients to the blood, maintain the blood sugar within a normal range. In such conditions, kidney damage can be repaired and excessive sweating also disappears gradually.

In addition to the medical treatment, diet therapy is also important to recover kidney function and stop or delay the progression of the illness condition. More details, you can talk with our online doctors directly or leave a message below and we will give you an individualized advice.

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