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How Does Constant Hunger Occur in Diabetes

2014-08-06 20:58| Font Size A A A

How Does Constant Hunger Occur in DiabetesFor diabetics, no mater how much food they take, they will become thinner and thinner. And they always feel hungry. How does increased hunger occur in diabetes? How to manage this condition fro diabetics? To know the latter’s answer, let’s learn the former’s question.

How does constant hunger occur in diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition that the body fails to move sugar out of the blood stream into the cells and blood glucose can not be consumed by our body effectively. Since they fail to consume blood sugar, more and more blood sugar will build up in the blood, and high blood sugar will occur.

Generally speaking, in normal condition, blood sugar is transformed into energy to meet the body needs. However, as they can not be used effectively, insufficiency of energy supply occurs. Under such a condition, to meet the demand of our physical activity, our brain send sign of hunger. Generally speaking, the higher the blood sugar is, the more serious the constant hunger is.

How to manage constant hunger for diabetics?

1. Prevent the stomach from being empty

Empty stomach is a main cause that diabetics feel constant hunger. Therefore, preventing empty stomach is very vital to inhibit the hungry feeling. To achieve this purpose, Diabetes patients can eat some foods like raw vegetables, pulpy fruits or grains which can stay in the belly longer.

2. Eat slowly

Eat slowly and try to drink much more water while eating which will help to full stomach.

3. Tightly control blood sugar

4. Make full use of blood sugar

5. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmtherapy

It is a creation and innovation based on TCM,but used externally. The Chinese medicine can provide abundant nutritions to satisfy the body needs. And it can control the blood sugar within a normal range and make full use of blood sugar which can transform it into energy. More detailed info, please contact us directly and email us to

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