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Why Does Sweet Taste in Mouth Occur in Diabetes

2014-07-26 18:26| Font Size A A A

Why Does Sweet Taste in Mouth Occur in DiabetesSome people with diabetes always complain they have a dry mouth and sweet taste in their mouth. The serious condition is they still have such feeling even though they have not ate sweet foods. Why? Is there any connection between sweet taste in mouth and diabetes?

Actually, sweet taste in mouth is one of the common symptoms in diabetes. The following contents are expected to be helpful for you.

As a matter fact, diabetics who suffer this symptom are due to several reasons below.

1. Digestive system disorder

Digestive system dysfunction can result in the abnormal secretion of enzyme and the amylase content in saliva will increase which can transform amylum into glucose. As a consequence, it will stimulate taste buds on your tongues, thus leading to the sweet taste in mouth. In addition, when diabetes damages the gastrointestinal tract, patients may suffer from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and so on.

2. Elevated blood glucose

For diabetics, poor controlled blood glucose can cause sweet taste in mouth. On the one hand, when the amount of blood sugar increases, it will lead to sweet taste in mouth. On the other hand, high blood sugar may cause the common complication called diabetic ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis occurs when glucose in bloodstream can not be utilized by the body as energies. Instead, the body will use the stored fat for energy. Ketones as byproducts of fat will build up in human body. This will cause fruity or sweet taste in mouth.

3. Induce nervous lesions

Poor controlled blood sugar also can induce the nervous lesion, also called neuropathy. Among them, taste nerves is commonly impaired and may cause sweet taste in mouth.

4. Side effect of medication

Some medicines can affect one’s taste sense and decrease the secretion of saliva.

I hope you can benefit a lot from this passage. Only find the causes of symptom and disease, can you find out right way to control or stop it. If you have no idea about how to deal with your condition, please talk with our online doctor directly, or you can email us to and we will provide more solutions.

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