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Asthma and Diabetic Nephropathy

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Asthma and Diabetic NephropathyCan Diabetic Nephropathy cause asthma? This question have induced many peoples’ concentration. Then, how about the result? If you are interested in this topic, please follow this passage, maybe you can find the things what you are looking for.

According to a study, the most common type of renal failure is diabetes due to its damage to the kidneys. In the early stage of diabetic renal disease, patients may have no symptoms, while, with the progress of illness condition, it can involve nearly every system and organs in the whole body, and symptoms will begin to develop. Maybe the respiratory system will be effect if left untreated. and it can increase further damage on kidneys.

How does asthma occur in diabetic nephropathy?

Side effects of certain medications

Some medications can cause asthma. In order to control of various symptoms, diabetes patients need to take some medications, such as aspirin, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs. All of these medicines have side effects, while asthma can be regard as a side effects if you take them for a long time.

Lower immune ability

For diabetes nephropathy patients, since their kidneys are damaged and their immune system will be in low status. In this regard, outside of infections and viruses will invade patients’ body. If patients have bronchitis or viral pneumonia, the can also have asthma.

Influence of complication

Diabetic renal disease is likely to induce cardiovascular diseases, like heart failure. In some studies, it has been prove that heart failure is another possible cause of asthma.

How to deal with it?

The treatment is to focus attention to improvement of kidney function. Only do this, can patients illness condition get well controlled. According to the causes of its occurrence, you are suggested to do the following things.

1. Never take any medications without guidance of a doctor.

2. Enhance your immunity by eating some fruits and vegetables which are good for your health. if you have no idea what you can eat or not, please feel free to contact our online doctors and he will give you an individualized advice according to your conditions.

3. At our center point, we strongly recommend Immunotherapy to you. It is a perfect combination of Western medicine and Chinese medical herbs. Both of them play their functions and achieve the goal of enhancing renal function together.

Further help, please contact us by sending an email to Please don’t worry about your asthma in diabetic nephropathy, because we are alway at your side.

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