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Management of High Blood Pressure and High Blood Fat in Diabetic Nephropathy

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Management of High Blood Pressure and High Blood Fat in Diabetic Nephropathy High blood pressure and high blood fat are very common on diabetic nephropathy patients, as the two complications often go with high blood glucose hand in hand.

There is some advice for diabetic nephropathy patients to control these complications:

Regular exercises

Proper exercises can stimulate blood circulation, lower blood fat and blood pressure and strengthen muscles and bones. Patients should pay attention to the following points, when they take exercises:

1. Keep it as a habit.

2. Take mild exercises, such as walking, swimming and jogging.

3. Avoid do exercises in the early morning or after a meal.

Reasonable diet

Limit the calorie intake, and choose polysaccharide, such as starch and corn, instead of monosaccharide, such as glucose, fructose and sucrose, which can elevate blood fat.

Reduce fat consumption, and take vegetable oil and fish oil rather than animal oil. Fish oil contains unsaturated fatty acid, which could stimulate cholesterol metabolism so as to reduce blood fat.

Take less protein. In order to ease the burden of kidney, patients should take less protein. And take high-quality protein, such as fish, red meat and milk, rather than vegetable protein. Avoid meat with lots of fat, such as pork belly, menhaden and tuna.

Reduce salt intake: Patients should take limited the amount of salt; especially when they have high blood pressure and swelling.

Supplement vitamins and minerals: Take some fruits and vegetables, since they are natural supplements for these nutrients.

If you want a more specific diet list, you can email us

Some other notes

1. Lower blood pressure gradually, volatile fluctuation may cause some serious conditions, such as shock and sudden death.

2. Take medicine on time and take blood pressure test regularly.

3. Keep a healthy weight, which a positive effect on blood pressure and blood fat.

To delay the progression of diabetic nephropathy, patients should well control their blood pressure and blood fat, so patients can try the above advice.

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