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Frequent Urination in Diabetic Nephropathy

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Frequent Urination in Diabetic NephropathyFrequent urination in Diabetic Nephropathy disturbs the normal lives of patients? How does this condition happen? And how do patients improve this condition?

Causes of frequent urination

High blood glucose level

Normally, there should be little glucose in urine as most of glucose can be reabsorbed in kidney tubules. However, diabetic nephropathy patients have high blood glucose, and accordingly there is a high glucose level in crude urine, which can elevate osmotic pressure. Thus, kidney tubule fails to reabsorb the glucose and fluid in crude urine, so frequent urine occurs.

Kidney damage

High blood glucose can put pressure on kidney, and if this condition persists, it will cause damage to kidney, which has the effect of regulating urine volume. Therefore, when kidney suffers damage caused by long-term diabetes, patients will experience abnormal urination.

Managements for frequent urination

From the above contents, we can know the frequent urination is the outcomes of both diabetes and kidney damage. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is very effective in treating these medical conditions.

Control diabetes

Some herbs are prescribed to patients to control diabetes so as to relieve the pressure on kidney and prevent further damage to kidney.

Restore kidney tissues

The active ingredients can tonify the kidney system, boost kidney energy. And then it can help patients restore the damage tissues.

Rebuild kidney structure

Herbs in this therapy can help patients boost their self-cure ability to rebuild the damaged kidney structure.

When diabetes and kidney damage can get controlled, diabetic nephropathy patients’ conditions can get largely improved and the frequent urine can be eased.

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