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Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Exercise

2013-08-24 16:53| Font Size A A A

Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients ExerciseDiabetic nephropathy refers to kidney damage due to long –term poor blood sugar control. Less serious patients have proteinuria, and severe patients may develop ESRF(end-stage renal failure), which is the most serious stage of diabetic nephropathy. If the conditions are steady and can be controlled, proper exercise is good for improving the patients’ physique and adjusting mood. But diabetic nephropathy patients need to reduce exercise intensity and time when you do exercise. In the following conditions, exercise therapy is not recommended.

Poor Control of Blood Pressure

Severe hypertension can occur in people with kidney damage due to diabetes. Blood pressure is difficult to control. When your blood pressure is not well controlled, you’d better not do exercise.

Severe Renal Insufficiency

When renal insufficiency becomes serious, and the symptoms due to toxins accumulation of uremia appear, like poor appetite, abdominal distention nausea, skin itching, anemia and so on, exercise is not suggested.

Repeated Swelling

When you do exercise, neuroendocrine changes can facilitate accumulation of water and sodium in the body, and aggravate swelling. Thereby, if repeated swelling exists, and you feel extremely exhausted and have swelling in lower limps and face after doing exercise, you should stop exercising.

Continuous Heavy Proteinuria

Relatively strenuous exercise can increase the secretion of proteinuria, and proteinuria increase itself can deteriorate kidney impairment.

For diabetic nephropathy sufferers, reasonable exercise helps control the disease.

● Lower Blood Sugar

● Lower Blood Pressure

● Lower Blood Fat

● Improve Drug Efficacy

● Improve Immunity

● Benefit Mental Health

In the early stage of diabetic nephropathy, patients can take aerobic exercise, like brisk walk. You should take exercise at least half an hour a time, once each day, five days a week. You will find changes if you persist for months. Of course each individual differs, and you need a specific exercise schedule. Email you basic conditions to  ; our expert will make a particular plan for you.

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