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What Tea Is Good for Diabetic Kidney Disease Patients

2013-10-08 14:39| Font Size A A A

Diabetic Kidney Disease is one type of the kidney disease. The performance of the diabetic kidney disease is arteriolar nephrosclerosis. Nowadays, more and more people prevent and treat diabetic nephropathy by drinking tea in their daily life. Since it is so, what tea is good for diabetic kidney disease patients?

There are several kinds of tea recommended by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) experts.

1. Chrysanthemum tea

Chamomile is preferred for its sweet taste in the choice of ingredients. Feverfew and white chrysanthemum grown in Suzhou and Hangzhou area of China is recognized as the best. About 3 grams of chamomile can be brew to a pot of tea. Patients drink the tea 3 times a day. It is also possible to brew the chamomile with honeysuckle or licorice. This tea has good effects on liver nourishing, eyesight improving and detoxicating.

2. Hawthorn tea

Hawthorn contains the ingredients that can promote digestion, dilate blood vessels, lower blood sugar, and lower blood pressure. You can use 1 ~ 2 pieces fresh hawthorn to make tea and drink it several times a day.

3. Lotus leaf tea

It is using half piece of fresh lotus leaf chips and excess water boil tea. And then drinking the water when it cools down.

4. Flos sophorae tea

Soaking the dry flower bud of locust tree with boiled water, and drink it several times a day. It is also benefit to patients with diabetic kidney disease.

5. Lotus plumule tea

Lotus plumule refers to the turquoise germs of lotus seed on both ends. With about 12g’s lotus nut brew tea, and drink it in every morning and evening.

6. Herba taxilli tea

Herba taxilli is a main drug to tonifying kidney and enriching blood. The making method is boiling 15g’s herba taxilli with water 15 minutes. Drink it in every morning and evening.

Above is the detail about what kinds of tea are helpful to diabetic nephropathy patients. We should prevent this disease in our daily life to avoid deteriorate condition. If you any questions about diabetic nephropathy, please email to to get a reply.

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