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What Fruit Can Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease Eat

2013-10-08 09:45| Font Size A A A

It is universally accepted that the diet for patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease must be strictly controlled. Many patients almost say no to all kinds of fruit for their high sugar content. Actually this is a wrong view. It is unhealthy to quit from fruit completely. Fruit contains a lot of beneficial substances, such as vitamins, cellulose and minerals, for patients with diabetic kidney disease. Sugars in fruit conclude glucose, fructose and sucrose. Among these, fructose can be metabolized without the help of insulin. Therefore, patients should not exclude all fruit from them. Thus, what fruit can patients with diabetic kidney disease eat?

Sugar content is various in different fruit. They should be treated discriminated. (If you want to know whether a specific fruit can be eat or not, please email to to get a reply)

1. Fruit with fewer than 10 grams of sugar content per hectogram are green plum, watermelon, melon, coconut milk, orange, lemon, grape, peach, apricot, loquat, pineapple, strawberry, sugarcane, coconut, cherry, olives, etc. Patients with diabetic kidney disease need to be careful to them.

2. Fruit with 11-20 grams of sugar content per hectogram are banana, pomegranate, pomelo, orange, apple, pear, litchi, mango, etc. It would be better not to take them as much as possible.

3. Fruit with more than 20 grams of sugar content per hectogram are jujube and haw, especially dried jujube, candied date, dried persimmon, raisins, dried apricots, longan, etc. All of the above are in high sugar content. This kind of fruit is the taboo to eat.

There are a lot of vegetables can be took as fruit, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons, etc. They belong to the food less than 5 grams of sugar content per hectogram. Besides, they are also rich in vitamins. They can completely replace fruit, and are suitable for diabetes or diabetic kidney disease patients.

Through the above introduction, we should have a clear understanding of right fruit for diabetic nephropathy patients. Experts point out that positive examination is the key point for patients to avoid further aggravating illness. If you have any questions, please consult our online experts, or call our health hotline.

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