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Four Principles of Diet for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2013-10-06 14:13| Font Size A A A

At present, with the rising of diabetic patients, there are more and more patients suffering from diabetic nephropathy. Diabetic nephropathy is one of the most dangerous diseases. Without timely treatment, it may endanger the life of patients. For Diabetic nephropathy, it is insufficient to treat alone, a right diet is also necessary. A good diet can improve the body health. Reasonable choice in diet can help us to adjust the body's blood sugar balance effectively. Thus, it is significant to master the four principles of diet for diabetic nephropathy patients.

1. Low protein diet

Excessive protein intake may increase kidney burden, so it is important to control the amount of protein intake. (Try to eat less plant protein; add animal protein such as milk, egg white, fish, and lean meat appropriately)Generally speaking, patients with high serum creatinine should control the protein intake strictly.

2. Low-fat diet

Diabetes patients should control the total quantity of heat by low fat diet. Patients with diabetic nephropathy should appropriately replenish the heat. Short heat supply can make kidney function index (serum creatinine and blood urea) rising. High intake is not conducive to blood sugar control. Fat provide more heat, so low-fat diet is required.

3. High calcium and low phosphorus diet

Electrolyte disorder of diabetic nephropathy is generally characterized by low calcium and high phosphorus. But foods high in calcium are often rich in phosphorus, so the diet emphasizes low phosphorus more. Internal organs of animal such as brain, liver, and kidney, dried fruit such as pumpkin seeds should be taken less.

4. High fibre diet

High fibre diet is beneficial to keep bowels open and maintain the body metabolic balance. Shredded kelp and vegetables are beneficial.

The key point which should be noticed is that not all of the patients are suitable to above principles for each person's condition or physical quality is different. You’re recommended to consult the free online service. Professional dietitian provides guidance for you. You can also email to to get a reply.

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