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Diet Plan for Diabetic-Hypertensive And High Creatinine

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Diet Plan for Diabetic-Hypertensive And High CreatinineWhat should be diet plan for diabetic-hypertensive and high creatinine patients? This is a question got from our mail box, renal-disease@hotmail.com. In following article, you will get professional suggestions from experts in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital.

What does it mean with diabetic-hypertensive and high creatinine?

High creatinine can reflect kidney function, which means kidneys have been damaged more than 50%. Diabetes and hypertension are two main leading causes of kidney damage. For patients with diabetic-hypertensive and high creatinine, it means their kidneys have been damaged severely with low kidney function. In such as condition, patients should make a well planed diet, which can reduce their kidney burden and protect residual kidney function.

What is diet plan for diabetic-hypertensive and high creatinine?

- Limit salt and fluid intake. For patients with hypertension and swelling, you should limit fluid and salt intake, it can help relieve the symptoms and protect kidneys.

- Control potassium and phosphorus intake. With high creatinine and low kidney function, patients often get high potassium or phosphorus levels in blood, so they should avoid foods high in potassium or phosphorus.

- Limit meat and protein intake. Too much meat and protein intake can produce more creatinine in blood, and it can also increase kidney burden which can cause further kidney damage. So, patients need to limit meat and protein intake from daily diet.

Above are some of the diet plan for patients with diabetic-hypertensive and high creatinine. However, since the specific illness condition of patients are different from case to case, so they need to make well planed diet based on their own condition. In addition, taking medical treatment is most important thing for patients to get better prognosis.

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