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Diet Plan for Diabetic with Anemia and High Creatinine Levels

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Diet Plan for Diabetic with Anemia and High Creatinine Levels Diabetes is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and is associated with excessive problems. Anemia and High Creatinine Level among those with diabetes and CKD (Diabetic Nephropathy) and greatly contributes to patient outcomes. In our daily life, some diet plan can help patients improve anemia and lower high creatinine level.

Diet plan for diabetic with anemia and high creatinine level

1. Low-sugar level

It is important to control the sugar level within the normal range for diabetics. Hence, the fist of all, they should have a low-sugar level diet. From the point, patients are recommended to take low-sugar fruit and more vegetables like pumpkin, nori, lettuce, white gourd, cucumbers, Chinese cabbages and so on.

2. Iron supplement

Iron supplementation is the most common treatment for anemia. You can supply enough iron by eating rich-iron foods like celery, mushroom, soybean, black sesame, sesame paste, black fungus and so on. In addition, adjusting your diet to include foods rich in iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 may also be helpful.

3. Low-protein diet

Protein is a necessary nutrition for human’s body health, while for diabetic patients with kidney damage, they need to limit intake of protein. Because too much protein will be a huge burden for the damage kidneys. More worrying, a long-term low-protein diet will cause more health problem. In order to guarantee the bodies’ nutrition, high-quality protein is recommended to you, like milk, egg white, fish and so on.

4. Limit intake of sodium

Low-sodium diet is recommend for patients with kidney damage. Eating too much sodium will increase patients’ blood pressure and water retention. Therefore, it is important to limit intake of sodium, which can protect kidney from the further damage.

All in all, the diet plan aims at protecting kidney from the further damage and improving renal function. Of course, diet plan should be different from person to person. To get the individualized diet plan, please do feel free to contact our Online Doctor or leave a message below directly.

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