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How Much Water Should I Consume Per Day As a Diabetic

2015-01-21 10:25| Font Size A A A

How Much Water Should I Consume Per Day As a DiabeticMany People with diabetics mistakenly think that they should reduce intake of water due to the symptom of frequent urination. However, as a matter of fact, it’s my duty to tell you reducing the intake of water will not help to relieve Diabetic symptoms. Therefore, a source of confusion comes: how much water should I consume per day as a diabetics?

Before knowing the answer, Diabetes first need to know why they suffer from frequent urination.

Diabetes is characterized by long-term high blood glucose because pancreatic cells don’t work properly to produce enough insulin. Then their blood glucose stays high level and can no longer be used as energy by human body due to insulin insufficiency. As physiological response, the high blood sugar will be forced to be filtered out of the body by the kidneys, and during the process large amounts of water will be carried out together. Excessive urination cause water loss and concentrate bloodstream, which will stimulate central nerve system and make the patients feel thirsty.

Then, drinking relatively water is recommend to diabetes.

As we all know, water supports all of our body’s functions, while a diabetic’s body does not always work at its full potential, and fatigue can be a common ailment. Drinking plenty of water can help prevent fatigue and improve the body’s physical performance. Water is especially useful for hydration for a diabetic because water has no calories, no fat and no cholesterol, things a diabetic needs to avoid. What’s more, water is the best cleaner of our body. Therefore, drinking more water is a protective reflex.

Last, how much water to drink per day for diabetics?

Normally, the average person loses about 10 cups of water per day through sweat and urination. At the same time, we gain fluid from drinking liquids and eating food. Generally speaking, average water intake suggested to Diabetics is 2500ml per day. Boiled water or mineral water can be chosen, but sugar content drinks should be avoided. After strenuous exercise or during obvious sweating, more water is needed. But due to different illness condition, the specific answer is also different. So how much you need to drink is a tricky question. But to get the individualized diet, please talk with our Online Doctors or mail us to

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