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Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat Okra

2014-07-17 02:21| Font Size A A A

 Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat OkraIt is a common sense that diabetic nephropathy patients have strict restrictions on their daily diet. Well then, can they eat okra? If you want to know the answer, please follow this article, and the next contents is expected to be helpful for you.

Okra is packed up with many vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. For diabetic kidney disease patients, they can get the following benefits from eating this kind of vegetable.

1. Low Gl food

The glycemic index (Gl) is a measurement of how quickly carbohydrates in foods turn to sugar in your blood. Regularly consuming low GI foods like okra can help balance blood sugar and aid in weight control/ Okra has a GI below 20, which is considered a “low GI food”

2. Lower high blood pressure

It can not only keep your blood pressure within a healthy range, but also treat high blood pressure and maintain a normal body weight which can reduce the risk of kidney disease.

3. Prevent asthma

A study has found that vitamin C in okra may help reduce wheezing symptoms in children and even in susceptible persons.

4. Good for constipation 

It provides comparatively lower calories than standard calorie diet. The fibers in okra help to absorb water and ensure a bulk stool. Besides, okra is lubricated when cooked. This sticky compound helps prevent constipation.

5. Prevent anemia

It contains a large amount of iron which can help patients avoid anemia.

6. Anti-cancer

It is rich in trace elements such as zinc and selenium, which contribute to reducing the risk of cancer.

7. Good for kidneys

Okra also contain special its medicinal ingredients, which is good for strengthening kidney.

As we can see, okra is a healthy vegetable for diabetic renal disease patients. If you want to learn more info about renal diet, you can talk with our online doctor or leave a message below and we will provide you an individualized advice.

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