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Is Dragon Fruit Good for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2014-05-24 18:28| Font Size A A A

Is Dragon Fruit Good for Diabetic Nephropathy PatientsDragon fruit is really tasty, so many diabetic nephropathy patients are fond of this fruit, while is it good for them?

Some benefits of this fruit:

Prevent bone disease

Because of calcium loss and high phosphorus level, diabetic nephropathy patients may suffer low calcium level, which causes higher risk of bone disease. However, taking some dragon fruit, which is high in calcium, may help prevent bone disease.

Lower blood sugar level

Patients with high blood sugar can eat some of this fruit, as some fibers in it can suppress the absorption of sugar so as to lower the blood sugar level.

Boost immune system

It is known to us that vitamin C can help enhance our immunity, since it can protect cell membranes and other tissues from free-radical. Therefore, patients can add it to their diet to boost their immunities.

Lower cholesterol level

High cholesterol is very common among diabetic nephropathy patients. Flavonoids in dragon fruit helps control cholesterol level and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Improve anemia

In diabetic kidney disease, kidneys fail to secrete enough EPO to maintain a normal red blood cell count. What’s more, high levels of toxins can also shorten the life span of red blood cell. Therefore, patients may present anemia, so they can take some foods high in iron to relieve this condition, such as dragon fruit.

However, there are still some points that patients need to pay attention to:

1. Don’t take too much of it, as it contains a small amount of protein. Taking too much can increase the burden of kidney.

2. It is high in fluid, so patients with high blood pressure or swelling should be cautious of it.

3. If patients have diarrhea, this fruit may aggravate their symptoms.

If you happen to be a diabetic nephropathy patient, you can refer to the above contents to decide whether you can dragon fruit or not. Anthing unclear, you can also click the Online Doctor for free.

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