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A Recommended Dish for Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-05-20 17:46| Font Size A A A

A recommended Dish for Diabetic NephropathyDiabetic Nephropathy patients are always annoyed by what they should eat, as there are too many things needing take into consideration.

We will recommend a delicious dish to these patients, which is good for their health.

Carrots & eggs

Cooking method:

1. Slice shallot and carrots and then saute them with olive oil for 3 minutes.

2. Then adding eggs and salt, saute them together for 1 minute.

Tips: Don’t cook it for a long time, or some nutrients will lose in this procession.

Benefits of this dish

1. Some substances in carrots have the effect of lowering the blood glucose, so it can ease the strain on kidney.

2. High blood pressure and high blood fat always are in company with high blood glucose. Therefore, diabetic nephropathy patients also need to pay attention to their blood pressure and blood fat. Carrots can help patients lower these levels.

3. Carrots can enhance cardiac function and stimulate the production of epinephrine, which help to lower blood pressure.

4. We can find many vitamins in carrots and olive oil, which can enhance our immunity and support our normal physiological activity.

5. Diabetic nephropathy patients can get lots of fiber from this vegetable, which can stimulate peristalsis and clear the toxins in intestinal.

6. Olive oil can help increase bone density, prevent bone diseases.

7. If patients are suffering anemia, they can take this dish, as they can get lots of iron from this dish. The mineral can help them relieve anemia.

Some side effects of this dish

1. This dish may elevate the potassium level, so if there is high potassium. This dish may be not a good choice for patients.

2. Patients with diarrhea should not take too much olive oil.

This dish tastes really good and has many benefits to diabetic nephropathy patients, so you can have a try on it. Any doubts, contact us

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