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Exercises for Diabetic Nephropathy due to Type 2 Diabetes

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Exercises for Diabetic Nephropathy due to Type 2 DiabetesFor people with Diabetic Nephropathy due to Type 2 diabetes, they may be suggested to take some exercises. Well, what are the benefits? When is not appropriate to teke exercises? If you are not sure about this, please keep reading.

Benefits of exercises for diabetic nephropathy patients

1. Keep you feel energetic and relieve the pressure.

2. Decrease body fat content and help lose weight.

3. Improve the sensibility of insulin and reduce insulin resistance.

4. Stregthent the muscles and improve the flexibility of the body.

5. Improve blood circulation and promote heart health, stregthen cardiac and pneumonic function.

6. Ameliorate the metabolism of glucose and lower blood sugar level.

When is not appropriate to take exercises?

1. Various acute infections.

2. Cadiac insufficiency, irregular heart beat was increaseed after the physical activity.

3. Severe diabetic feet and severe retinopathy.

4. Blood clots.

5. Diabetic ketoacidosis.

6. Poorly controlled blood pressure level and blood sugar level.

Exercises are banned when patients expering the following conditions:

★Foot numbness or pain.

★Shortness of breath, dizziness or nausea.

★Blurred vision.

★Pain on shoulder, neck and chest.

What kind of exercises are recommended?

To be fair, people with diabetic nephropathy are recommended to take some moderate physical activities or aerobic exercises, for example, walking, jogging, Tai Chi, yoga, etc. In the meanwhile, the frequency can be controlled within 3-5times a week, 20-30minutes each time.

Additionally, people with diabetic nephropathy due to Type 2 diabetes had better not do strenuous exercises, for instance, moutain-climbing, football ball, basketball, baseball and so on. Because if poorly controlled, the condition may continue to get worse.

If there is anything unclear about exercises for diabetic nephropathy due to Type 2 diabetes, please feel free to click the Online Doctor or email to Best wishes!

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