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How Does High Blood Sugar Cause Diabetic Nephropathy

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How Does High Blood Sugar Cause Diabetic NephropathyHigh blood sugar is the main symptom of diabetes. For diabetes patients, long-term high blood sugar can easily cause kidney disease, leading to Diabetic Nephropathy. How does high blood sugar damage kidney function for diabetic nephropathy patients?


Long time high blood sugar can increase the glycosylation composition content in blood of diabetic nephropathy patients, which can cause glomerular capillary permeability increase. When the blood circulates in the body, plasma proteins in the blood flowing through kidneys can not return to the heart because of raised glomerular capillary permeability. Part of the proteins is filtered out into urine, causing proteinuria.

Renal Cell Dysfunction

For diabetic nephropathy sufferers, a large amount of blood sugar and sugar metabolites accumulate in cells of kidneys, causing cell osmotic pressure to rise. Consequently, the cells absorb moisture and become swollen, causing cellular activities decline, leading to renal cell dysfunction.

Kidney Inflammatory Response

Metabolic products of high blood sugar can also combine with the cells in kidneys, facilitating them to secrete some damaged media. These damaged media are likely to result in inflammatory response if accumulated long in the kidneys, and cause further damage to kidneys, resulting in less and less healthy nephrons.

Glomerular Hypertension

For diabetic nephropathy patients, the blood sugar, some abnormally secreted hormones, cytokines and so on that build up in the blood for a long time can cause expanded glomerular arterioles, high renal blood perfusion and glomerular high blood pressure, thus resulting in glomerular hypertension. And this is the important reason for glomerular sclerosis and necrosis.

It is of great importance to positively control high blood sugar for diabetic nephropathy sufferers. In addition, we should treat the impaired kidneys in time and remove the irritating damaging substances produced by blood sugar. For the ways of lowering blood sugar, you can directly email your basic symptoms to  . Our expert will send you specific suggestions.

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