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4 Things to Help Diabetics Avoid Uremia

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4 Things to Help Diabetics Avoid Uremia
It is too late when diabetes develops to uremia. As long as you can do these 4 things well, you have chance to avoid complications.

Diabetes is difficult to cure, mainly due to the body's metabolic disorders, insulin secretion defects, and the destruction of the internal environment. To control hyperglycemia as soon as possible, we must try to keep insulin secretion normal and balance metabolic problems. The sooner you control it, the better for the prevention of complications, especially uremia.

The treatment of diabetes mainly includes four aspects: drug treatment, blood glucose detection, life care and mentality change. This is also the four parts of the treatment that doctors have been emphasizing with diabetics, and the lack of any is not good for blood sugar stability.

1. Insist on taking medicine on time and quantity, and choose the medicine suitable for you.

The sooner diabetes treatment is done, the better. Because as blood sugar rises, various tissues and organs in the body will be damaged. Reducing blood sugar can reduce the damage to the whole body. There are a lot of hypoglycemic drugs, metformin must be used. In addition, sulfonylureas and glyburide can also be used. If the condition is serious, the combination is preferred, but you need to follow the doctor's instructions and use medicine on time and quantity. For example, hypoglycemic drugs must be taken before meals. The harm caused by fluctuations of blood sugar is nothing less than high blood sugar.

2. Regular monitoring of blood sugar

It is not enough to take medicine for high blood glucose. The changes of blood glucose must be monitored regularly and recorded, including the blood glucose before and after meals, as well as the condition of hba1c. In this way, we can timely understand the changes of blood glucose and improve the medication plan. Meanwhile, we can also analyze the factors that increase or decrease blood glucose, such as improper drugs and unhealthy diet so as to avoid influencing factors.

At the beginning 2 years, the high blood glucose should be measured monthly. Later, as the blood glucose is stable, it is checked once every six months, including the physical examination of the whole body, such as kidney and cardiovascular examination, which is conducive to the prevention and treatment of complications such as Diabetic Nephropathy (uremia) and diabetic cardiovascular disease.

3. Life care cannot be reduced, including diet and exercise

Diabetics are almost always treated outside the hospital, in addition to having to be hospitalized. To control blood sugar, life care cannot be reduced. Diet management follows the "three less principles": less salt, less sugar and less oil, which can help reduce blood vessel pressure and stabilize blood sugar. Besides diet restrictions, you should take part in exercises. Appropriate sports consume energy and maintain weight, which is also conducive to blood sugar metabolism. A few life bad habits that can aggravate blood sugar should be changed, such as smoking and drinking.

4. Adjust your mindset and be positive

Although diabetes can not be completely cured at present, it can be prevented and controlled. If we can persist in doing various aspects well, we can control blood sugar well and complications will not come easily. It is not easy to live with diabetes, but it is not so difficult to form good habits such as diet, exercise and medicine. The key is to take the first step.

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