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Why Should Diabetics Care About Kidney Health

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Why Should Diabetics Care About Kidney Health
For most diabetics, the thing they concern the most must be blood sugar level. This is understandable, after all, their blood sugar level is high.

But you should know that uncontrolled blood sugar level does not only mean that your diabetes is incurable, but also causes a series of chain reactions. That is diabetes complications.

When referring this, some diabetics may think of a word: The most terrible thing is not diabetes, but its complications.

That is true. Diabetes itself is not terrible at all, but once you have its complications, that is really terrible. Today let’s talk mainly about one of its complications—Diabetic Nephropathy.

Diabetic Nephropathy is caused by long-term uncontrolled blood glucose level. Kidney is our body’s main excretory organ, which can discharge metabolic waste and harmful substances from body via producing urine. It can also regulate electrolyte and pH balance, produce erythropoietin and adjust blood pressure, etc.

If your kidneys are damaged, those functions will not be replaced by other organs.
Why Should Diabetics Care About Kidney Health

As a result, metabolic garbage can not be excreted out. pH in body will become imbalance. Anemia and high blood pressure will present. When you are in late stage of uremia, you may even not produce urine at all. And then you may have to depend on dialysis machine to cleanse toxins in body, but the effect can be compromised. Moreover, the treatment cost is really high, including dialysis cost and drug cost. This would be a disaster for ordinary families.
Why Should Diabetics Care About Kidney Health

A chronic disease is difficult to treat. If you have another, do you think you can afford it? Therefore, people with diabetes need to pay close attention to kidney health and avoid complications.

If the follow two symptoms appear, do not be careless.

1. Proteinuria. It is the initial sign of kidney damage. There will be a lot of small bubbles in urine, which does not appear for a long time.
Why Should Diabetics Care About Kidney Health

2. Swelling. About 70% of Diabetic Nephropathy patients have swelling. Though swelling may not be a direct result of kidney disease, it is considered as the result of glomerulosclerosis if it occurs in diabetics over 40 years old.

Early detection is not better than prevention.

Why Should Diabetics Care About Kidney Health
Regular checkups are suggested. Once urine protein presents +, it means kidney damage. If it is -, it means your kidney state is good.

Diabetics, be alert to kidney disease.

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