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The Pill, Hidden Killer of Diabetic Kidney Disease

2013-10-08 15:41| Font Size A A A

According to a survey, the group of diabetic kidney disease is developing towards younger ages currently. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but one of the reasons is that the patient has a history of using birth control pills. This is an alarm bell to some young friends. In fact, the pill, hidden killer of diabetic kidney disease, has a great damage to patients.

A recent study shows that a pregnant woman have taken the pill in the past 5 years may occur diabetic nephropathy during pregnancy. While some women with diabetes nephropathy afraid of or unwilling to pregnant, and then take the pill. But they do not know that birth control pills can promote the deterioration of diabetic nephropathy, and improve the requirement of insulin.

The blood viscosities of some women with diabetes nephropathy are higher than the average person. Plus the pill, their blood coagulability is increased more. It makes an increase risk of cerebrovascular disease. So women with diabetes nephropathy would better avoid the using of birth control pills.

A 20.7 years' follow-up found that 18% of the users of oral contraceptives appear obvious proteinuria, while only 2% of participants without the use of oral contraceptives appear significant proteinuria. After the correction of onset age and blood pressure, the use of oral contraceptives is still a strong indicator of diabetic kidney disease (relative risk is 8.9). The researchers hope to have a larger prospective study. They also suggested that "patients with diabetic nephropathy should be very careful when taking oral contraceptives”.

Medical experts also remind that people who taking the pill for a long time should use some other way on birth control. Long-term usage of this kind of medicine not only can lead to diseases such as diabetic nephropathy, but also can lead to other illnesses which damage our health.

If you take the pill for a long time and appear some symptoms of diabetic kidney disease, you are suggested to result an expert. You can also email your basic information and medical conditions to and we will give you a reply within 48 hours.

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