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The Prevention of Diabetic Kidney Disease

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The dangerous of Diabetic Kidney Disease is widely known around the world. We all know that this disease is incurable. Therefore, the prevention of diabetic kidney disease is the point which we can do and should do.

About the prevention of diabetes

1. Know more

It is necessary to get more knowledge of diabetes, more knowledge of its harm, and more knowledge of its prevention measures.(please consult the free online service to get more specific knowledge about diabetic kidney disease)

2. Eat less

Eating less means total calorie intake is less. It is not only refers to staple food, but also side dishes, especially dishes with high quantity of heat.

3. Exercise more

Keeping a certain amount of exercise is needed. If so, Weight could be kept well. . We all know that obesity is one of the important factors causing diabetes. As a saying goes, the shorter the belt the longer life. So it is important to control weight.

4. Relax more

It refers to the psychological adjustment problems. A good mentality plays a positive role in the prevention of diabetes. Various psychological imbalances will further strengthen the insulin resistance and then cause diabetes.

About the prevention of diabetic kidney disease

1. Patients suffer from diabetes for more than five years should check kidney function, urine protein qualitative and urinary protein quantitative in 24 hours regularly. They should also pay attention to blood pressure and fundus examination.

2. Measurements of microalbuminuria and β2-microglobulin are needed to the early diabetic nephropathy. If the microalbuminuria were increased, patients should be measured 3 times in 3 ~ 6 months to determine whether they are suffer from sustainable microalbuminuria.

3. If be identified as microalbuminuria increasing, and can rule out other causes of the increase, such as urinary tract infection, exercise, and primary hypertension, patients should on high alert. What they need to do is to control blood sugar, make it close to normal level as much as possible. If blood pressure is higher than 18.7/12 kpa, it needs actively step-down, and keep blood pressure in the normal range. At the same time, it also needs to emphasize low salt, low protein, and high quality protein diet.

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