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The Prognosis of Diabetic Kidney Disease

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Whether Diabetic Kidney Disease can be cured is a question concerned by every diabetic kidney disease patients. At present, a large number of clinical and experimental studies have shown that the early change of diabetic kidney disease is reversible. Thus, what about the prognosis of diabetic kidney disease?

Generally speaking, in the early stage of diabetic kidney disease, glomerular damaged lighter. If the blood glucose were controlled in the normal range strictly, the filtration environment of glomerular basement membrane can be improved, glomerular filtration pressure can be reduced. So that, the discharge of microalbuminuria reduces, the disease may even get right.

In the middle-late period of diabetic kidney disease, glomerular severely damaged and develop to nodules or diffuse glomerular sclerosis. Renal tubules and renal interstitium are also seriously damaged. Besides, the vast majority of patients are associated with high blood pressure, at this time, even if the blood sugar and blood pressure are well controlled, the conditions might have been improved to varying degrees. But it is difficult to reverse the kidney function. The disease is incurable at this time.

Prognosis of diabetic kidney disease is poor. Kidney disease of this class has chronic progressive damage. Its clinical symptoms appear late relatively. Generally, the appearance of urine protein, means at least ten years’ course. Once urine protein appeared, the renal function would decrease continually. 25%patiemts develop into end-stage Kidney Failure in 6 years, 50% in 10 years, and 75% in 15 years.

Poorly control on diabetes, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and dietary protein accelerate the deterioration of renal function of diabetic kidney disease patients. Smoking is a risk factor for diabetic kidney disease. The prognosis of diabetic kidney disease is also associated with renal pathological change, diffuse type is more likely to progress to uremia than nodule one.

Today, however, with the improvement of medical technology, such as Dialysis, Kidney Transplant, and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the survival rate of patients with diabetic middle-late kidney failure has been greatly improved. It has been over 78%.

Experts also pointed out that the cost of the treatment is relatively high, so it is necessary to prevent diabetic nephropathy, form a good diet habit, exercise more, and go to the hospital regularly.

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