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Life Expectancy for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2014-06-25 18:27| Font Size A A A

Life Expectancy for Diabetic Nephropathy PatientsMany diabetic renal disease patients are very concerned about how long they can live with this kidney disease. And many researchers also have focused on studying this problems, however, there are no specific numbers can be offered to you since the illness conditions are different from person to person.

Generally speaking, diabetic renal disease is induced by long-term and uncontrolled diabetes. It is divided into five stages according to the degree of kidney damage or GFR. And it has different lifespan due to its different stages.

Stage 1 of DN (diabetic nephropathy)

It belongs to the early stage of diabetic renal disease. In this condition, the glomerular damage lighter and patients may have no symptoms or have not serious symptoms. There are many chances to reserve this disease. And patients can live a normal life through diet therapy and medical treatment. In most condition, the illness condition can be controlled by taking or injecting insulin.

Stage 2 of DN

This stage condition have moderate decline of kidney function and they often have at least 2 years diabetes. The clinical performance are thickening of glomerular basement membrane and microalbuminuria. This time, patients should go to hospital to make physical test such as blood test, urine test and so on. And they should ask for help from a doctor.

Stage 3 of DN

Patients who in this stage suffer 10-15 years diabetes. and it is a critical period because it is easier to develop into stage 4 of DN or even end stage of kidney failure. With effective treatment, it is possible to recover this stage of kidney disease.

Stage 4 of DN

Patients in this stage have suffered 15-25 years diabetes, and in this stage, GFR has severe drop and most patients will experience high blood pressure, proteinuria, blood in urine and so on. This symptoms will be life-threatening.

Stage 5 of DN

This is the final stage renal failure. For patients with this stage, their kidneys almost lose all functions and various symptoms will become more and more serious, such as severe swelling, proteinuria, hypertension and so on. They have to maintain lifespan by dialysis or a kidney transplant.

From stage 1 to stage 5, there are obvious progress of illness condition. Therefore, the earlier the treatment is taken, the longer you can live. Nowadays, with the development of medical technology, dialysis , kidney transplant, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy , the survival rate of patients with diabetic middle-late kidney failure has been greatly improved. It has been over 78%. If you are interested in these therapies, please contact us by talking with online doctor or emailing us to

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