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Diabetic Nephropathy Basics

4 Things to Help Diabetics Avoid Uremia

It is too late when diabetes develops to uremia. As long as you can do these 4 things well, you have chance to avoid complications. Diabetes is difficult to cure, mainly due to the bodys metabolic disorders, insulin secretion defects, and t...Read More

How Does Diabetes Damage Your Kidneys? The 3 Symptoms Are Its Crime Evidence

Data show that more and more people with diabetes develop uremia. Uremia is a common complication of diabetes. Because in early stage of kidney disease, there are not so many symptoms, people usually do not realize they have kidney disease....Read More

To Avoid Uremia, Diabetics Should Control These Three Indicators Well

Nowadays Diabetic Nephropathy has surpassed glomerulonephritis and become the leading cause of uremia. If you want to avoid uremia, you should control these three indicators, which can help protect your kidneys. Chronic hyperglycemia will l...Read More

Diabetic Nephropathy—The Most Difficult to Treat

Dear diabetics, besides blood sugar level, have you ever checked your microalbuminuria? About 30% - 40% diabetics develop Diabetic Nephropathy, which eventually progresses into uremia. But many diabetics have not realized the upcoming risks...Read More

Two Indexes Help You Prevent Diabetes from Developing to Uremia

Do not want your diabetes to become uremia? Two indexes are key. Do you know them? How much do you know about diseases that cause kidney damage? High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney stone, etc. If...Read More

Why Should Diabetics Care About Kidney Health

For most diabetics, the thing they concern the most must be blood sugar level. This is understandable, after all, their blood sugar level is high. But you should know that uncontrolled blood sugar level does not only mean that your diabetes...Read More

Nursing Care Plan on Diabetic Nephropathy

When someone in our family gets ill, we are always trying to find out a good nursing care plan to help them get well quickly. Right? Here lets have a quick look at nursing care plan on Diabetic Nephropathy. Hope it can help you. A nursing c...Read More

How Long Can You Live on Dialysis with Diabetes

Diabetic Nephropathy occurs due to the long-term damage caused by diabetes to the kidneys. In severe causes, this leads to renal failure that requires dialysis. How long can you live on dialysis with diabetes? Read on to learn more informat...Read More

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