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How to Reverse Stage 3 CKD And Creatinine 2.9

2014-02-26 00:21| Font Size A A A

How to Reverse Stage 3 CKD And Creatinine 2.9For people diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, maybe elevated creatinine level is not new for them. Well, how to reverse stage 3 CKD and creatinine 2.9?

Based on the estimated GFR level, chronic kidney disease is classified into five stages. In this stage, there is a moderate decline of kidney function, and the GFR level is 30-59ml/min.

Connection between creatinine and chronic kidney disease

Frankly speaking, creatinine is commonly used to measure kidney function. Once increased creatinine level occurs, more than 50% renal function have been damaged. According to the survey, creatinine 2.9 is in stage 3 CKD. If not controlled well, more and more wastes will accumulate in the body. Normally, when it increases to 5, dialysis may be adopted.

How to reverse stage 3 CKD and creatinine 2.9?

Even if it represents moderate decline of kidney function, this does not mean nothing can be done to reverse this condition. Here, we will introduce patients with both Blood Purification technique and Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy to achieve the therapeutic effect.

The former technique includes six parts, such as, CRRT, plasma exchange, hemoperfusion, hemofiltration and so on. Most importantly, this technique can help achieve a favorable internal environment, in this way, creatinine 2.9 can be alleviated and drop to a reasonable value.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has more than 5000 years history and can be used to treat various conditions including kidney disease.

These Chinese medicines are all carefully selected by our experts, which is endowed with functions like invigorate blood and dissolve stasis. Under a doctor’s guidance, it can help treat various inflammation, toxic stasis and revere stage 3 CKD. Mostly, the course of treatment can last for 3-7 days, and 7-10 courses in all.

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