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How to Relieve Muscle Cramp in End-Stage Kidney Failure

2014-01-18 23:15| Font Size A A A

How to Relieve Muscle Cramp in End-Stage Kidney FailureEnd-stage kidney failure is the advanced stage of kidney disease. In this stage, a lot of symptoms will occur or become serious. Muscle cramp is one of the discomforts. Then how to relieve muscle cramps in end-stage kidney failure?

How does muscle cramp occur?

The exact cause of muscle cramps is different from people to people. The followings are the possible causes.

- Low level of serum calcium. The neuromuscular excitability will be elevated if the level of serum calcium is decreased. As a result, muscle cramps will occur.

- High level of serum phosphorus. It occurs with the decline of the serum calcium.

- Insufficient vitamin D. The failed kidneys can not secret enough vitamin D, which aims at regulating the metabolism calcium and phosphorus.

- Restless leg syndrome. Some patients will suffer restless leg syndrome in end-stage kidney failure. The legs will reacts by cramping.

- Side-effects of dialysis. When too much fluid is removed at a fast rate during dialysis, muscle cramp will occur.

How to relieve muscle cramp in end-stage kidney failure?

- Eat a scientific diet. Balance the intake of phosphorus and calcium with your diet. If you still have urine output, you can drink some water in moderation to balance the electrolyte.

- If it occurs during dialysis, you should let your doctor know immediately. They will help you stretch your muscle and make some change in your next dialysis.

- Improve kidney function. This is the root method to relieve muscle cramp. Hot Compress therapy is suggested to achieve this purpose. It is a natural Chinese treatment. It aims at improving kidney function. If you want to know the functions and how it operates, you can consult the online doctor.

You should make clear the exact cause of your muscle cramp and then take proper treatment to relieve muscle cramp in end-stage kidney failure. Any follow-up questions? Please send an email to!

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