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How to Treat My Anemia in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-01-11 21:38| Font Size A A A

Questions: I am a patient diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. The doctor told me that I am suffering from anemia. How to treat my anemia in stage 3 chronic kidney disease?

Answers: I am glad to receive your email and medical report. I got a general understanding about your condition. In your email you asked that how did you get anemia. Now I will give you a brief introduction.

Anemia is a common symptom of kidney disease. Your kidneys are in charge of secreting EPO, which is the hormone that can stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. The red blood cells will carry oxygen to the organs of the whole body. Since you have kidney disease, the diseased kidneys are not able to produce enough EPO. As a result, the production of red blood cells will be reduced. Anemia occurs consequently.

Another possible cause may be iron insufficiency. Since you have stage 3 chronic kidney disease, your doctor may asked you to eat a limited diet, which is a main cause of iron insufficiency.

Since you know the causes of anemia. You must have got the idea about how to treat your anemia. The diet is necessary. You can ask your doctor to manage you a proper diet to replenish iron.

The most important method is to improve your kidney function. With the improvement of your kidney function, anemia will be relived. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is offered. If you want to know the detailed information about this therapy, you can send to my email to, I will give you the details in my next email.

This therapy has a good effect on repairing the damaged kidney cells and improving kidney function. Your anemia will be relieved with this therapy. What’s more, your condition will be reserved in stage 3 chronic kidney disease with this therapy.

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