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End-stage Renal Failure: How to Help Leg Cramps during dialysis

2014-01-03 23:50| Font Size A A A

End-stage Renal Failure: How to Help Leg Cramps during dialysisAs its name refers, end-stage renal failure is the last stage of kidney disease. Many patients depend on dialysis to survive. But many patients experience leg cramps during dialysis. Then how to help leg cramps during dialysis in end-stage renal failure?

What are the causes of leg cramps?

The common causes of leg cramps is low level of calcium, which is most commonly seen among patients of end-stage kidney failure and it is often accompanied by high level of phosphorus.

In the last stage, kidney has almost lost its ability of secreting hormones. The important hormones, active vitamin D plays an important role in keeping calcium and phosphorus in a normal range. There will be vitamin D insufficiency in this stage. So the calcium level will be lowered and phosphorus level will increased.

Restless leg syndrome, which is a symptom of end-stge kidney disease is also a cause of leg cramps.

In addition, the loss of large amount of water during dialysis is also an inducement of leg cramps.

How to help leg cramps during dialysis?

-To relieve leg cramps, you can do some exercise to stretch the muscle.

- Balance the level of calcium and phosphorus. If you still have urine output, you can drink some water in moderation to regulate the electrolyte balance.

- You can take a message to relieve leg cramps and this method will bring no side-effects.

- The root method to help leg cramps is to improve kidney function. You can ask the online doctor for more information about the treatment that can improve kidney function.

- Reduce the frequency of dialysis or even stop dialysis can help relieve leg cramps. With the treatment that can help improve kidney function can help get rid of dialysis.

With an improved kidney function, kidney function in end-stage renal failure can be improved and leg cramps will be relieved too. If you want to know more, you can send an email to, I will give you a reply within 48 hours! Best wishes!

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